A few scenes taken in the evening on Saint Katherines Dock alongside Tower Bridge. No apologies for my playing with with one or two effects.




Fountain on Saint Katherines Dock, slow exposure with tripod, Cokin star and light fog filters. Brightness and contrast pushed high to create the effects.



 The fountain feature photographed using a multi-image filter. slow exposure off a tripod.



 Another view on Saint Katherines Dock with a multi-image and star filters.. exposure pushed almost to the limit



 Great spot for slow time exposures of Tower Bridge when you have the right equipment and you are the lucky person that security allows to use your tripod.



 View of Tower Bridge from Saint Katherine's Dock, 'Grain' filter applied and contrast and brightness manipulated to give a Gothic effect





Late evening view of Tower Bridge from Saint Katherines Dock .. slower exposure with tripod.