Ixion Triumph Test Run 6 repeated after 110 years


Wednesday 1st July 2015 was exactly 110 years to the day that the Rev Basil Davies, Ixion to the readers of The Motorcycle, undertook the sixth of his 200 miles in a day test runs on a new 3hp Triumph motorcycle fitted with the newly designed and manufactured Triumph engine from Cornmarket Street in Oxford to Bournmouth and back.


So it was that on the evening 30th June, having been luckily privilaged to have been asked to accompany the venture as the photographer, that I found myself in the company of Nick Jonckheere of Ostend in Belgium, who is the proud owner of one of the original 3hp Triumphs, with his support team of Paul Gander of Go-Faster.com, Jen and Dave Pittuck and fellow photographer Lucie Smitalova at Lincoln College in Oxford where the Rev Basil studied, to see if, after months of planning, the last of the original journey's could be repeated on an original machine, on todays roads and in todays traffic on the 110th anniversary of the original run.


Given the changes in road layouts since 1905 there were some enforced changes to the original route which is understandable and the destination was the national Motor Museum at Beaulieu rather then Bournemouth. However the milage was the same in both cases at 207 miles.


As for a report on the trip, Ahhhhhhhhh, well, readers will have to wait for the reports to appear in the motorcycle press first before I update this site with more details.


In the meantime please find a few scenes below from what, to anyone at all remotely interested in vintage or veteran motorcycles, can only be described as an absolutely magnificent adventure.






These are just a few scant details, in time more will follow ......


And so, as promised, in time more now follows.......

The following are scans from the report published in the December 2015 edition of The Classic Motor Cycle


The above formed a double page spread



Happily I can now report that the 2015 test was, for man and machine, a resounding success.


It was a privilege to have been involved.