A few scenes from the Ixion Cavalcade Bexhill 24th May 2015


Ixion? Who was ixion and why was there a cavalcade?

Ixion in short was a man of the church, a vicar, Canon Basil H Davies, and at one time, from 1926 to 1940 he was the Parish Priest at Saint Barnabas church in Bexhill.

However far from being an ordinary parish priest Canon Basil Davies was a Pioneer Motorcyclist and a journalist for "The Motor Cycle" magazinefrom 1903 to 1961, amongst his many other interests.

And because of this connection, like minded individuals with veteran (pre 1914) and vintage (pre 1939) motorcycles have for the last five years gathered on a Sunday in May at Saint Barnabas's church in Bexhill and have enjoyed airing their motorcycle, and themselve,s around the country lanes of East Sussex on routes that Ixion would certainly have travelled on in his day.

Here are a just a few of the sights from the day, (unfortunately I cant do the sounds), and the pages from a PDF presentation, that at some time will be able to put it on here in that format.

And the presentation...